May 30, 2019,

The Fédération des clubs radioamateurs du Québec (RAQI) held its annual meeting (AGM) on Saturday May 25, 2019 at the Hotel le Dauphin in Drummondville. Prior to the general meeting a meeting of the Clubs Consultative Committee (CCC) took place. At the CCC meeting the committee elected 7 members to sit on the board of directors of the federation. In the afternoon we proceeded to the annual general meeting. Several matters were discussed and we adopted the financial statements as well as all of the items usually coming before an annual meeting.

In addition, during the AGM the members elected 4 others to sit on the federation's board of directors. For the first time in our young history the board of directors is complete, that is to say with 11 members. Many persons attended the general meeting as well as others present by internet.

For the member clubs who were not able to attend a booklet will be sent in which they can consult the various documents of the federation which were tabled at the annual meeting.

The board of directors for the coming years is made up of the following persons:

President Luc Desjardins VE2XLD Club de Joliette VE2CLJ
Vice president Michel Landry VE2MY CRAQ de Québec VE2CQ
Secretary Bernard Bouchard VE2SMS Club Radioamateur VE2CWQ
Treasurer James R Hay VE2VE Club MARC de Montréal VE2ARC
Director Lionel Couton VE2DTV Club Covey-Hill de Montréal, VE2CYH
Director Fernando Gutierrez VE2LV Club Sud-Ouest inc Ville Mercier VE2CEV
Director Richard Blanchet VA2YRB Club Station Répétitrice de Laval VE2RVL
Media Manager Jean-Michel Vien VA2XJM ARAT de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue VE2ATU
RTQ Manager Mario Bilodeau VE2EKL Club des Expérimentateurs de La PrésentationVE2CSC
CCFQ Manager Roger Audet VA2HF Groupe Radio Amateur de Sherbrooke VE2RSH
Réseau Urgence Manager François Drien VE2FDA Club Rive-Sud de Montréal à Brossard VE2CLM

Thanks to the volunteers who have agreed to become part of the Fédération des clubs radioamateurs du Québec’s team and we wish them well in their undertakings.

Jacques Savard, VE2CYJ
General Manager
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